Introducing VOYA

The more we are learning about VOYA the more awe-inspiring it is becoming.

Exploring the World of Voya has opened our eyes and we simply couldn’t wait to start sharing it with you!

VOYA comes from the word VOYAGE and began in 1912, when the doors of the first seaweed baths opened on the Wild Atlantic coast of Strandhill, Co.Sligo, Ireland. This tradition is continued today by the Walton family.

Seaweed bathing has been popular for centuries and VOYA brings this to you in a range of organic seaweed skincare products and spa therapies.

VOYA products contain wild organic hand-harvested seaweed which is 100% Irish. Each strand is selected by eye and removed by hand.

If you want to experience VOYA, why not a book an indulgent treatment for yourself. Call 01423 866822 today.